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Ayurveda : The life's manual

Ayu: Life; Veda: Wisdom.  Ayurveda is rooted as an ancient living knowledge and is considered one of the oldest medical science described in vedic texts from India.  This system focuses on addressing any health condition from its root cause which could be the result of an imbalanced system. It believes that once the system as a whole regains its balance, diseases then are eliminated. Ayurveda incorporates customized plans for an individual's Nutrition, Lifestyle, Yog, Meditation and Herbs. Ayurvedic regimen is one of the best when it comes to Pregnancy, Infant care, Preventative medicine, Gerontology  and Aesthetic medicine. 

Homeopathy : Remedies for all

As a modality under Complementary & Alternative medicine, Homeopathy continues to gain popularity in today's world. It is considered one of the safest health modality with negligible or no side effects of the remedies given. It is a valuable asset for health management, specially for many chronic conditions including Childhood diseases, Hormonal imbalances, Autoimmune conditions, Insomnia, Asthma, Food Sensitivities, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression and many others.  There have been many researches conducted world wide to validate the efficacy of Homeopathy.

Reiki : The ultimate energy healing

Rei: Universal or Spiritual; Ki: Vital Energy - was discovered and designed as a natural healing therapy by a Japanese physician and spiritual aspirant Mikao Usui, in early 1920's. Reiki practitioners are trained to work as a catalyst for any individual intending to acquire access to universal healing energy forces which in-turn leads to an up-liftment of one's physical, mental and emotional health and well being. This technique can also be learned easily and incorporated as a daily self care regime. Many people have described Reiki Healing sessions as being an enlightening experience with deepest sense of calmness, joy, serenity and fulfillment which makes Reiki one of the best regimen to practice for stress management. Reiki is also used for healing past traumas which many times could be the root cause or a maintaining cause of any disease.

Yoga and Meditation : The real life partners

An ideal Ayurvedic regimen invariably involves Yog and Meditation as its key components for achieving a complete health.  These modalities could be therapeutic as well as preventative as they are fully customized as per an individual's own health needs and goals.


HeartMath : Technology for inner balance

HeartMath technology is an innovative method to improve and monitor one's emotional as well as mental status. This technology provides guidance  to instantly achieve a coherent physiological state. The tools and products help to monitor these sates on a daily basis so one can easily  track progress and adapt necessary changes. 

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