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A holistic way to improving your health.

Welcome to the world of Chetna .. where consciousness heals!
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2303 Camino Ramon

Suite #208

San Ramon, CA 94583

(925) 255 5375

Thank you for visiting the Chetna Center. Chetna means consciousness in the ancient language of Sanskrit. It represents one's innate intelligence, self-realization and self-awareness for self preservation. We are the sum total of our Body, Mind (it's thoughts) and Spirit and Chetna represents our collective consciousness. Along with an attentive and deepened awareness, Chetna profoundly assists in the process to heal. Explore and expand your Chetna, your awareness to experience healing. 

Being a miniature of the vast cosmos, we constantly experience the Laws-of-Nature influencing our quality of existence.  We can therefore infer that these very Natural Laws can be utilized to benefit us for our health and wellbeing. Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki and many other natural healing modalities follow the laws of nature and have a common founding and working principles for health.


We at Chetna Center seek to promote health and wellness for all by shifting from a disease-based consciousness to a health-based consciousness by utilizing natural health modalities. This process of balancing our individual systems is achieved by administering Homeopathic remedies, Ayurvedic herbs, lifestyle changes, customized diet plans, yoga, meditation, reiki sessions and HeartMath technology.

We look forward to being your ally for an enriched life.



Available Treatments
  • Ayurveda

  • Homeopathy

  • Reiki Healing

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • HeartMath

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